Fundamentals of Civil Engineering

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Surveying.  Coordinate Systems.

Understanding of and being able to survey a construction site is an important skill for a civil engineer. To learn more about the use of GPS in modern surveying, use Knovel to search on ‘land surveys gps’ and read the section 8. The Global Positioning System (GPS) in the Guide to Understanding Land Surveys (3rd Edition), 2009 John Wiley & Sons. The subsections 8.3 GPS and Land Surveys and 8.4 CORS Networks provide the background and the subsection 8.5. Practical Application, page 127 has an example of State Plane Coordinate data development for surveys in remote locations:

Surveying. Angles, Distances and Trigonometry

Perhaps the most often performed task in surveying is measuring distances. The distances could be measured directly, optically or electronically. To find out more about optical distance measurement techniques do a Knovel search on ‘distance measurement’ and open the section 6.2.2 Distance measurement  in the Civil Engineer's Reference Book (4th Edition), 1989 Elsevier to read:




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