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(Re)Discover the Power of Knovel’s Interactive Graphs!

February 4 - 11:00 EST

Join us for an overview of Knovel's newly re-designed Interactive Graphs

Knovel offers 5 Interactive Graph Tools: Equation Plotter, Graph Digitizer, Graph Plotter, Phase Diagram Viewer and Parameterized Graph.

How do they work? Knovel's interactive graphs allow you to plot curves from an equation, digitize charts, and plot and compare several curves from individual points.

What's new about Knovel Graphs?

  • Significant performance and usability enhancements were made based on suggestions by Knovel users like you.

  • All five Knovel Graphs were completely reprogrammed with scalable resolution so all the graphs can be resized within an enhanced user interface.

  • New and improved functionality controls with a quick How-to-Use guide available on the interface.

  • Graphs no longer require Adobe Flash Player.