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The Knovel Widget

Authentication for Academics

1. For university students and faculty, while on campus, you can download and use the Knovel Search Widget to find and access content within Knovel.  

2. If you plan to use the Search Widget off-campus, please create a My Knovel profile during  your on campus session. With a My Knovel profile, you will be able to gain access with a username and password from any location. Your library may also have customized instructions for gaining access via EZ proxy. 

Creating a My Knovel Account
Visit Knovel (  Click My Knovel, located on the right under the Knovel logo. Click Register Now and complete the registration process. This will create a username and password to log in to Knovel from wherever you are.

Widget Features Include:

Enter Your Search Query

Find results from over 3,600 professional references, including material from leading publishers and societies.

Access Tools & Resources

Instant Access to Expert Webinars, Unit Converter, Live Chat, Videos and more.